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Meet the man behind the Lens

"Its never easy to describe yourself, unless you sixteen and on social media which I'm clearly not :)"

Jools Hart sitting on sand dunes

Meet Jools

Lovely boy, funny, cheeky, hardworking'.... 'thanks Nan I'll take it from here' ....   'you missed out professional!'

Hi, I’m Jools Hart, born in South West London and raised on the London/Surrey borders, let's just say a while back… remember Swap Shop, Spangles and Marbles?

Professionally qualified photographer and a Member of the Master Photographers Association, my certificates sit proudly alongside my 33-yard Swimming Certificate, god those pools were cold.

My childhood was great, long summers, freezing winters, two older brothers, a sister, Look-In magazine, Action Man, weak orange squash, penguin biscuits, banana sandwiches and hiding behind the sofa when Dr Who was on. School was cool, just a place to hang out with friends and laugh, I wasn’t very academic and rubbish at spelling (thank the lord for autocorrect). Art was my thing but they wouldn’t let me do it every day which I found odd.

16 and the big wide world beckoned followed by 25 years of London Commuting working within the creative industry, all starting with printers in Tolworth, a graphics company in Soho, Top Reprographics in Russell Square, National Newspapers in Wapping…. then became Professional football coach (yes I know diverse), followed by Photography.

I’ve always been surrounded by imagery, whether it was dad the architect, grandad the painter or through work, retouching endless images or just being dragged around art galleries as a kid.

My intrigue in people leads me to my love of  lifestyle photography and capturing the moment, it makes history, distinctive and timeless, I love to people watch and love to watch life, grabbing that moment through the lens. Always working at a top-level has influenced me to produce high standards of work, this influence has helped carve my philosophy which is always to create that one image which speaks volumes about life and that I can achieve this in a professional but relaxed fun, natural atmosphere. (god I went all serious there)

I've been told I have a creative eye, must run in the family... the creativity, not the eye but I did have an uncle Claude from Margate who had a wooden leg

I’m Piscean, travelled the world, never skied, have two boys, love a cuppa, a chat, shepherds pie, apple pie and golf… oh and I had a near-death experience but God wasn’t ready for my poor sense of humour.

Let's get together and put the kettle on


headshot of Jools Hart

Everyone loves a little recognition from time to time, especially from fellow peers. My Photography Awards from The MPA (Master Photography Association) 

Its always nice to be Appreciated

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