Black & White lifestyle portrait of an old couple sitting on a bench having a cuddle looking over Bosham Harbour in Sussex



Black & White documentary portrait of a blonde girl sitting on a park bench in Ewell Surrey with her hair blowing in the wind
Black & White lifestyle fashion portrait of a woman in Surrey pulling in her big fur hood with her hands
Black and white Engagement lifestyle photoshoot of a couple in a romantic embrace in Surrey Woods
Black and white lifestyle photo of two male cyclists dressed in lycra racing in a road cycle race in South West London



I always think that my love for people watching reflects in my photography, my curiosity and intrigue in how people tick. I can sit for hours just watching the world go by thinking where are they going? where have they been? what do they do for living? what makes them laugh? what food do they like? films? hobbies?... the list goes on.

Where ever possible I will use natural light and capture my subject just being themselves with natural looks and expressions which make them unique as a person.


Documenting real life portrait shots should all about the real you, no pretence, this is you at that moment of your life, its this honest approach to say I’m nobody else, this is me, this is what I do and I'm proud of being me. All I ask of you is just to be yourself.


I also feel that my lifestyle photographs should be inquisitive to the viewer and should produce more questions than answers about the subject.

As you can tell I'm a lover of black and white photography, which is an art in its own right. Creating the right tonal mono hues and depth of feeling is key to producing a classic lifelong endless feel to an image. 

I am happy to travel with my areas being Surrey and London including my local areas of Epsom, Ewell, Ashstead, Cobham, Esher, Weybridge, Oxshott, Leatherhead, Dorking, Surbiton, Kingston Upon Thames and Richmond.


hair swoosh.jpg
Black and white documentary lifestyle portrait photoshoot of a young girl chasing bubbles in the gardens of Non Such Park
Black and white documentary lifestyle portrait photoshoot of a woman on horse back showing her horse some love in Surrey
Young blonde girl in a summer dreamy pose for a portrait photoshoot in Guildford Surrey