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Your Portrait Investment & Experience

Your Photo Shoot Experience will include the following:

Pre-shoot Consultation

I'm very much a people's person and every shoot is personal, unique, natural and fun. To bring these key elements to life I have to get to know you in person not by phone, email and carrier pigeon but in person. This is your photo shoot and your photos, I'm here to listen and understand what makes you tick and to gauge what your idea of the perfect shoot would be (if its in the Bahamas I'm already packed).

I'm also here to discuss your style of shoot, what you might want to wear and the different locations, these might reflect your interest and values whether it be your house, a park, urban, city or a place of outstanding natural beauty. I also totally understand how daunting standing in front of a camera can be and my job is make your shoot relaxed, fun and you being your wonderful natural self.


Photo Shoot Experience

After the consultation we will agree a date time and location for your shoot. Your actual shoot will last around two to three hours so you will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy your shoot, this is always a rough estimate based on experience but if we need more time to get that every lasting shot then this will be regardless of time.


Retouching & Post Production

Post Production and editing of images is now part of everyday photography life. I have over twenty years experience as a professional retoucher but that said I will make every effort to keep retouching to a minimum. I want to shoot you as natural as possible and the less retouching I do means the better the photograph. However there are circumstances where I might feel that your images require artistic licence to create beautiful wall art then so be it, the camera may not lie but a retoucher loves to bend the rules.


Post-Shoot Viewing

After your photo shoot please allow me around 10 working days to prepare your photos for viewing. Once the photos are ready I will contact you to arrange a post-shoot viewing in the comfort of your own home or private online gallery.

Legal Reminder
Jools Hart Photography owns sole copy right to all images taken and held unless agreed.