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qandaqanda Below are popular questions and answers that will hopefully fill in those gaps when preparing for a shoot. If you have any other question no matter how small please do hesitate to contact me.

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What do I wear?

As a rough guide I would suggest plain clothes and natural colours always works well. Please try to avoid loud patterns and large logos that said this might be your style but don't worry we can discuss this topic at the pre-shoot consultation and I will advise you regarding clothes and backgrounds.

What if I prefer digital images?

If you prefer to have digital images instead of printed product this can be arranged via USB memory stick and a fully downloadable private online gallery. All images will be professionally edited and made ready for print.

Digital Images start from £60 each. Ten high resolution images is £540. All high resolution images maximum of is £750.

Does it need to be sunny?
Although its lovely to have the sun out, its not a problem if its not, in fact an over cast day can provide great natural balanced light. Autumn and Winter can equally provide stunning light and dramatic backdrops. Early morning and late evening are brilliant atmospheric times to shoot, fog, mist, snow and rain can also all add to creating a mood and can produce stunning images.

If the weather takes a turn for the worse postponing the shoot until fairer time is not a problem.

Can I choose the location?
This is your shoot and the location can be of your choice, somewhere that might be dear to your heart, an area of natural beauty or a park, river or lake, city or urban setting. I can help you choose if you are stuck for ideas?

What about a studio shoot?
If a location shoot is not your style then we can do alternative traditional style shoot and hire a studio but there would be an additional hire cost.

What is a Session Fee?
A session fee covers the cost of my time, consultation, location planning, expertise, professionalism, planning and more importantly my creativity to produce beautiful natural photos.

How much is the Session Fee?
The cost of a Session Fee is £220 What is involved in the Session Fee?

• Three Digital Files of your choice
• One 16 x 12 Framed print
• Personal pre-shoot Consultation
• Location visit and planning
• The actual photoshoot
• Selection and fully edited professional image post production
• Personal post-shoot viewing
• Private online gallery 

How long is the Session Fee Photoshoot?
My experience of putting a time limit on a photoshoot only puts everyone under pressure and it will show in the images. Take away the pressure then we all can relax and have fun bringing out your natural side in the real you. If we need to a break and a cuppa then great (two sugars please), I totally understand that if kids are involved then they will be in charge so there is not pointing fighting it, some of my best images are captured when kids run free.

Equally, if the older generation are also present it might take them a little longer to move around a location. So to give you a rough guide about an hour and a half for a single portrait shoot and around four hours for a family shoot (4 people).

How do I choose products?
Meeting you in person before and after your shoot is a great way not only to get to know you but together we will be able to establish what kind of shoot you would like and the kind of products that best suit your needs and environment. I will be on hand to show you sample products, slide shows and produce mock ups to help you visualise your end product.

How much do products cost?
Having understood your needs I will be able to offer you several different product packages and individual product quotes if requested. To give you an idea of cost, my clients on average (not including Session Fee) invest between £400 and £1,500 on products.

Why Invest?
Time will never stand still but it can be captured, from cave man drawings to modern images we love to preserve our history through pictures, your life should be no different.

Your investment will outlast any materialistic item you buy, your sofa, your laptop, designer handbag, your golf clubs.... having a photography shoot means that you will create history that will be remembered and past down through generations upon generations.

Why Choose me as your photographer?
Laid back, very friendly, sociable, great with kids and not bad with a camera! 

Im a professional photographer not a hobbyist, not part time, which means you get a professional service and I will fit in around you.

I'm also very much a people's person and every shoot is personal, unique, natural and fun. To bring these key elements to life I have to get to know you in person not by phone, email and carrier pigeon but in person.

This is your photo shoot and your investment, I'm here to listen and understand what makes you tick and to gauge what your idea of the perfect shoot would be (if its in the Bahamas I'm already packed).

I'm also here to discuss your style of shoot, what you might want to wear and the different locations, these might reflect your interest and values whether it be your house, a park, urban, city or a place of outstanding natural beauty. I also totally understand how daunting standing in front of a camera can be and my job is make your shoot relaxed, fun and you being your natural self.

If you have any questions, queries or would just like to chat and say hi then please don't hesitate to call, text, email or carrier pigeon, I don't bite or give the hard sell etc...

What extra charges might occur?

These are the only extra charges and will only occur if the following is requested. You will be notify of all costs before your photo shoots and these will be sent to you via a written quote.

  • Studio Hire
  • Paid Location
  • Groups Larger than 4
  • Travel Time is more than 60 minutes
  • Make Over/ Hair Stylist

Will my images be edited?

Post Production, retouching and editing of images is now part of everyday photography life. I have over twenty years experience as a professional retoucher but that said I will make every effort to keep retouching to a minimum. I want to shoot you as natural as possible and the less retouching I do means the better the photograph. However there are circumstances where I might feel that your images require artistic licence to create beautiful wall art then so be it, the camera may not lie but a retoucher loves to bend the rules.

What if I have a spot on my chin or dinner down my jumper?

Untimely blemishes and little accidents can happen but can all be resolved with the magic of photoshop

When will be able to view my photos?

After your photo shoot please allow me around 10 working days to prepare your photos for viewing. Once the photos are ready I will contact you to arrange a post-shoot viewing in the comfort of your own home including a private online gallery.

Legal Reminder
Jools Hart Photography owns sole copy right to all images taken and held unless agreed.